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Come to our next Drink and Draw!



Hey guys, the next drink and draw is set for September 5th! Be there or be square!

June 2013 Jam Comics

Had a fun time at the June meetup! We had a couple of jam comics featuring Michael Isenberg of First law of Mad Science, Brian Lam of Blam Works, Greg Kikorian of Gregarious Streak, Colin Chapin, and bree.



We even had a few quick rounds of our favorite exquisite-corpse-like game!




Last-Minute June Meetup

Last minute, I know! I’ve been hella busy, so I didn’t expect to hold one in June (that, and the anthology is in the works) —- But, I got a heartfelt request to hold a meetup, so let’s do it!

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June 27th (Thursday) at the 12th Street Ale House, NYC (12th street and 2nd Ave) 7 – 10 PM.
You know the drill, see you there!




The 4th NERD Comics Anthology has been announced!
After Darwin, Washington, and Tesla, we now turn our focus on “Shakespeare”. Why in quotes? Well, we wish you to take whatever meaning you will from the word and submit a comic (or any other piece of art/writing) that spurts forth from your excited imagination. The only real rules are that it must follow the paper guidelines:

Submission deadline: July 19th (this is important. The books are slated to debut at INTERVENTION as part of our annual tradition)

Max 12 Pages 9”x9” (1/2” bleed if necessary) greyscale (pref B&W), JPG or PDF

submit to:
Go nuts and we look forward to your submissions!

May 2013 Jam Comics!!!

May’s Cocktails and Comics was a hoot and one of our most bizarrely cohesive jam comics sessions ever. We even had a non-dominant-hand page!
Ami and Bree were joined by class-act artists Spenser Anderson and Greg Kirkorian. The results were curated and put in order by Colin Chapin.


Cocktails and Comics, May Edition!


May 9, 7-11PM

12th Street Ale House (@ 2nd Avenue)


April 4 Cocktails and Comics!


A pre-MoCCA chill out with NERD comics. Bring friends, enemies, strangers, and strangerers!


Remember, happy hour ($2.50 and $3 drinks) ends at 8!

First Cocktails and Comics of 2013

So, we finally got to kick off the year of gatherings! Lots of fun and comics (we even ended up with a recurring character)

Thanks to everyone who came out, including

Jen of Run Lil Jared

Mike of First Law of Mad Science

Savannah of Unlazy

Tim of Infinity Roads









Feb 8 2013, First Cocktails and Comics of the year!


It’s been a while since we’ve done one, and Ami is back in the US for a bit! So, if you like comics and/or drinking, come on by!

7 PM 12th street ale house at 2nd ave.


Debut: TESLA

We debuted our third anthology, TESLA, at the third Intervention Con a few weeks ago, and boy are my arms tired!

Thanks to Miriam Gibson, AJ Morales, Dustin & Diane Reese, and Ray Yuen for contributing their awesome talents to the third NERD anthology!