Woah, woah, woah… an update? Where did THAT come from? What are we doing, showing our faces around here like that? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret kids.

Back in the end of September, when this strip was supposed to go up, Kiwis realized that they weren’t going to make rent. This, of course, was most distressing and the comic, which was already running late, was put on hiatus while I scrambled to build things like “a resume” and go find “a real job”. It took me a while, but I landed a great job… a 1 1/2 hour subway ride away.

Fun fact: when Kiwis go for 2 1/2 months without leaving the apartment, or having any other contact than Foley and Tim, they have trouble adjusting to the outside world.

As such, I had a bit of trouble between the exhaustion of working and the mental issues of having social anxiety, coupled with agoraphobia and then finding myself in public during rush hour.

So the comic went on an undisclosed hiatus.

Now, I’m finally getting into the swing of not having panic attacks and going from a 2pm-4am work schedule to 8am-8pm (given the commute and all).

So I wanted to post our missing comic strip, let you all know that the forums are getting whipped back into shape with a newer version of PunBB that comes with a great antispam extension and that we’re slowly but surely working on deleting all that horrific spam that has added up over time. It came to the point where I was spending 1 hour every day just deleting all the spam posts and with the work schedule, that just stopped happening.

Adding new comics may take a while due to my work schedule, combined with the fact that my job is a contract job and might finish up at the end of the month, resulting in another scramble of OMFGHOWDOIMAKERENTTHISMONTH? Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

Hearts, stars and clovers,-The Kiwi